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Make your Micro Wedding a LITTLE more extraordinary with sentimental gifting from Winsor Bishop.

The Little touches

Just because your wedding is going to be celebrated with fewer guest does not mean that you must compromise on your special and significant celebrations. This is your unique opportunity to ensure that sentimental elegance shimmers in every little detail of your big day.

It becomes far easier to include those really personal touches for 30 people than it is for 200, and through the careful and considered thought you have given to your guestlist, you are certain to have a close connection to everyone you have invited thus making those little touches all the more meaningful.

Show your important guests just how much you appreciate everything they’ve done to support you throughout your journey together by gifting them a thoughtful token of your appreciation.

Thank you

Reconsidering the amount of people present with you to celebrate the most important day of your life ensures the unique opportunity to create great memories with every single guest.

Let Winsor Bishop help with your sentimental Thank You gifts, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to beautifully designing and expertly delivering a more intimate gifting experience that brings your wedding vision to life.


It has become so clear to us at Winsor Bishop after hearing the stories of the happy couples about to be married that they have been more than willing to let the little things go that are not going to have a significant impact on the memories made on the wedding day and are instead focused on becoming more generous in areas that will create an overall quality guest experience.

At Winsor Bishop we understand that on your wedding day you are not only honouring the most sacred union between you and your partner, but you are also honouring every person who has shaped you and helped bring you as a couple to this moment.

Uniquely you

Winsor Bishop’s bespoke process offers the opportunity to create a completely personal piece of jewellery made to perfectly represent your emotions. Whether it is a complete re-design or a unique new piece, we can work with you to create your own personal treasure.

Perhaps your partner has a cherished item once belonging to loved one, our bespoke design service offers the opportunity to reimagine this piece, whether its as simple as a thorough clean, sparkle and restoration of the original piece or using the original materials to redesign the trinket into a more wearable and cherished item, our experts will work closely with you throughout the entire process.

 A beautifully heartfelt example of this came earlier this year when one of our Winsor Bishop brides commissioned her Husband-to-be’s late fathers wedding band to be reworked into a signet ring.   was given to her partner on the morning of the wedding day , thus his father was symbolically with him on the most important day of his life.


Dream watch

Treat your other half to the dream watch they have always wanted. Our watch salon holds one of the largest collections of high-end Swiss watches in the county, from prestigious brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, TUDOR, OMEGA, and Breitling. Our collection is constantly changing as we source the best timepieces the market has to offer, and we provide an array of services for you to help look after your purchases for years to come.

Explore watches

Winsor Bishop gifts- where style, substance and quality aren’t compromised

This is the very beginning of your forever and a micro wedding enables you to celebrate your marriage with your very closest and most important people.

Although your wedding may be smaller than originally planned, it will still be big on style, substance and the amazingly special touches that will make your day uniquely perfect for you!

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