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The Watch

After waiting in fevered anticipation for over three months we’re really excited to finally get our hands on our first Bremont ALT1-B, pictured above. This robust and gorgeous chronometer features a hardened stainless steel DLC case and back, a black metal dial with Super-LumiNova coated hands and numerals, a calf-skin leather strap and can boast to having the most advanced elements of the Bremont Chronograph range. As the company puts it, “The challenge was getting the necessary stealthy appearance with the essential Bremont readability.” The outcome is really something special and we would advise you visit Winsor Bishop and see it for yourself.

Bremont ALT1-B

Born from adversity

Bremont are one of the only British watch brands and the company’s founders hail from right here in Norwich. Nick and Giles English established the company in 2002 and were born into a family of passionate aviators. Their father was an RAF pilot and a skilled engineer and the brothers were raised with a keen interest in flight, mechanics and experimentation. Tragically their father was lost in an accident in 1995 yet through this adversity, Bremont was born. Nick and Giles left their city jobs and dedicated their time to creating prestigious watches which have since been worn by the likes of Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Laurie and Bear Grylls. Bremont specialise in watches that capture the imagination of those who are looking for something extraordinary. It gives Winsor Bishop tremendous satisfaction to support a local British watch manufacturer of such a high calibre. The ALT1-B is an impressive technical achievement born out of passion and dedication to precision and reliability.

Bremont ALT1-B

Bremont and the military

The ALT1-B is a close match to the watch that Bremont delivered to elite B2 Stealth Bomber Aircrew in 2012 and is certainly inspired by the iconic military craft in its high-tech, precision design. The brand has always had a close relationship with the military, supporting armed forces around the world by supplying high quality timepieces to people whose lives depend on precision. One such collaboration saw Bremont create a limited edition timepiece made from copper and oak taken from the iconic HMS Victory. You can read more about this ambitious project here. Unlike the Stealth Bomber you won’t want to go under the radar once you own the ALT1-B. Any man would be proud to show this watch off. Find out more about Bremont and the military via their site.

Bremont ALT1-B2-GMT

You can take a look at the Bremont site for a full run-down of the ALT1-B’s impressive features and functions here. Visit our homepage to see our online catalogue of watches from all of the leading brands but remember, not all of our products are online so please visit the store where our expert team of watch specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.

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