1964 Ferrari 330GT Nembo Spider For Sale

1964 Ferrari 330GT Nembo Spider to benefit East Anglia Air Ambulance Service

Former Chairman of Ferrari UK Club, the late Richard Allen, donates his car to raise funds for charity air service

Winsor Bishop lead sponsor at the event

The Nembo Spider

Posited by Cavallino Magazine as ‘The Most Beautiful Ferrari?’, chassis 1777GT began life as a 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet before being reconfigured by Giorgio Neri and his then business partner Luciano Bonacini with input from American enthusiast / entrepreneur Tom Meade. Legend has it that ‘Nembo’ was a contraction of the names Neri, Meade and Bonacini but the distinctive moniker was also associated with an Italian parachute regiment not to mention the ‘Nembo Kid’ (a re-branding of the comic hero Superman).

Richard Allen, was chairman of the Ferrari Owners’ Club (UK) for many years. He was impressed with how H&H handled the Colton Ferrari sale which raised £10m for the RNLI and he also liked the idea of selling the Nembo in East Anglia.

Dominic Lyncker, MD of H&H Classics, says: "We are honoured to be tasked with this sale which will bring help from the skies in much the same way as the Richard Colton Ferraris we sold for the RNLI will bring help at sea."

Patrick Peal, CEO of the EAAA says: “The gift opportunity which this legacy offers would enable to us to proceed with the building of a bespoke hangar to house our Helicopter, Anglia 2, at Cambridge airport some 400m from our base. Our own hangar next door would mean adding some 180 available shift hours a year significantly increasing the number of lifesaving missions we could fly each year.”

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