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  • Every year the world awaits the unveiling of the new models from the world’s most prestigious watch brands at the Baselworld Watch Fair and as usual this year Rolex has provided watch enthusiasts with some exciting new timepieces. These watches will be arriving at Winsor Bishop during summer 2014. The GMT Master II The white gold Oyster Perpet...

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  • Mothers Day

    Mothers Day is fast approaching – it’s the day to spoil your mum, mother in law (yes, really!) or mother of your children to show her how much you love and appreciate her. Often the decision of what gift to buy can be daunting so instead of rushing around on a Saturday afternoon the day before wondering what to buy, why not have a look here for ...

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  • Aquamarine - birthstone for March

    From the Latin ‘aqua’ (water) and ‘mare’ (sea) aquamarine, this beautiful clear blue gemstone with unique sea-blue colouring, is the birthstone for March. A relatively hard stone (7.5-8 on the MOH scale) they have a vitreous, glass-like lustre and an excellent translucent clarity. Mostly mined in Brazil, aquamarines are also found in Africa, Chi...

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