Aquamarine - birthstone for March

From the Latin ‘aqua’ (water) and ‘mare’ (sea) aquamarine, this beautiful clear blue gemstone with unique sea-blue colouring, is the birthstone for March. A relatively hard stone (7.5-8 on the MOH scale) they have a vitreous, glass-like lustre and an excellent translucent clarity. Mostly mined in Brazil, aquamarines are also found in Africa, China, the USA and Russia. From the same family of stones as Emeralds (the mineral Beryl), the aquamarine has the added advantage of having far fewer inclusions and because it is a harder stone this makes it less susceptible to scratches. The clarity of aquamarine should be 'eye clean' meaning no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye.

The stone should be a clear, transparent blue although this can range from a very pale colour to a strong sea blue and some stones might also have a slightly sea-green shimmer to them. The stronger blue in colour the more valuable an Aquamarine becomes. The biggest ever aquamarine gemstone mined was discovered in the city of Marambaia Brazil in 1910 weighing over 110kg and is 48.5cm in length and 42cm width.

A versatile stone, aquamarine looks amazing in almost any cut and with it being a harder stone it is ideal for rings, pendants and earrings and can be presented in both contemporary and classic settings.

They look stunning with diamonds in a traditional pendant setting:

Aquamarine Pendant


Or as here in a beautiful contemporary setting ring against a Tahitian pearl with diamonds:



Other alternative modern and clean setting for aquamarine is offered by Danish Jewellers Georg Jensen, where the stones are set in silver with a clear, fluid shape:

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If it is your birthday in March, why not add some aquamarine to your jewellery collection?