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Discover The Winsor Bishop Eclipse Collection

Here at Winsor Bishop we are pleased to present you with another of our unique house collections. The Eclipse collection draws on the symbolism of eternal relationships, reflected with circles of white, yellow or rose gold and adorned with diamonds.

To create this six-piece collection our in-house designers took inspiration from the magnificence of the planets and the soft twinkle of the stars, expressing these influences through the circlet and bar aesthetic that runs through several of our Winsor Bishop collections.

Intentionally created with a more delicate and simpler design, Eclipse plays on the use of negative space, with minimalist clean lines and delicate chains - subtle statement pieces with true staying power.

The classic white diamonds throughout make the six pieces mix together seamlessly, allowing them to be worn in unison, while also individually bold enough to sit alone.

The distinct shape of the Eclipse ring lends itself to stacking; in particular our clients love to mix the yellow gold and rose golds together, ideal for the evening when a more statement situation is required.

The Eclipse necklace is a perfect everyday piece and sits particularly well when worn below our Infinity necklace. During the day it adds that extra touch of luxury to an an open shirt, whilst at night it brings a star-like twinkle to your favourite evening gown.

Studs are often overlooked for a more statement earring but we think you will love the circular minimalism of the Eclipse earrings. The unbroken sphere of diamonds has an elegant simplicity when worn alone and they look simply divine when worn as second or third studs alongside the drop-down style of our Harmony earrings for a more dramatic effect.

The geometric symmetry and structure of the Eclipse bracelet ensures it will always stand out in a crowd. The negative space is particularly present, allowing the elegance of the wrist to be shown off beautifully. One on each wrist makes for the perfect cuffed look in the evening.

Having two necklaces in the collection allows for diversity and more stacking opportunities. The large circular necklace sits perfectly with all five other pieces, particularly when worn longer below the smaller necklace.  Style the white gold version with a coloured stone piece for a relaxed and casual opulent look.

Symbolising endless love, the clean line of the Eclipse bangle is striking in all three golds, whether worn individually or all together.  A classic piece, the clasp of the bangle is paved in diamonds giving an added radiance to the smooth gold body. Stacked in all three colours with an Eclipse ring or two is our favourite way to style it.

As a group the Eclipse collection brings a sparkle and a whimsical elegance to everyday contemporary classics. Starting at £300 the pieces are an accessible luxury appealing to women of all ages. The Eclipse collection is available to purchase in-store at Winsor Bishop Norwich and Cambridge, or online through our website. Pieces from the collection are available individually or as a complete set. If you would like to request an appointment to view the collection, please contact us with a date and time suitable for you.