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Dark cosy evenings, twinkling Christmas lights, warm mulled wine flowing, December truly is the most romantic time of the year.

Make this Christmas one to remember with a magical festive proposal!

Let our helpful selections below guide you to finding the perfect 'marry me' ring.

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The Perfect Fit, Everytime

All our engagement rings are created in a standard size M.

We offer complimentary resizing on all of our engagement rings to ensure the perfect fit. Following on from your proposal you will be invited to store with your fiancée to celebrate your engagement and be correctly sized by one of our diamond experts.

Extended Returns

We want you to gift without any worries. We have extended our returns policy through to 7th January 2021 to allow you plenty of time.




A timeless elegant design, teach unique diamond in our solitaire rings is handpicked by one of our thoroughly trained diamond experts to ensure each and every stone meets our strict standards of excellence, instilling our promise that we offer you only the best.




Single circlets of bright white diamonds embrace the central stone to create
an expression of love, that will last a lifetime.




Symbolising your past, present and future together, our diamond and platinum
Trinity rings offer an unrivalled sparkle from three exquisitely faceted stones.



Our Quintette eternity rings are set with a continuing line of identically cut diamonds to symbolize ever lasting love, signifying an anniversary, birth of a child or point of independence.


Engagement Ring Size, find the perfect fit at Winsor Bishop


So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and commit your future to the love of your life, a rather large and momentous occasion for both of you. But now you’re faced with some tough choices: choosing the ultimate engagement ring; ensuring your choice fits without giving the game away; and where to pop that all important question? Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers, but we certainly can help you find the perfect diamond, in the perfect setting and an engagement ring size that fits your future spouse.

Finding the perfect engagement ring size can be daunting

We’ve all dreamed of that perfect moment when the ring is delicately placed on the fourth finger on the left hand, with it gliding seamlessly from fingertip, followed by a gentle nudge over the knuckle and a nice safe slide with ease into its resting place. Where it then sits ready and patiently for its best friend the wedding ring. What we don’t want is that desperate push trying to cram an engagement ring on a finger that it will never fit. Or, the scary thought of the ring flicking off at the mere shake of a hand. Not the dream that was planned!


‘Interesting fact, did you know that in Egyptian times it was believed that the ring finger contained a vein (the vena amoris) that led to the heart. A very romantic idea and one to remember!’


Cana Diamond Single Stone Engagement RingIdeas how to size for an engagement ring

Sizing for an engagement ring without the person it’s intended for isn’t easy. There are numerous ideas on the internet. Some which are plausible and ones that simple just aren’t remotely practical.

Some options which could be suggested for example are, borrow one of their rings and bring it in store. This might work but there’s no one size fits all when it comes to individual finger sizes. There are apps available which can do the same but there’s no exact science and no guarantees.

You could try a trick while they sleep and use a piece of string or a ribbon as a guide. Marking the point where the string meets. You could get your future mother-in-law involved and ask her if she knows their ring size. Or you could rope friends in on the event. Ask them to deviously get your intended to try their rings on for size. The simple truth is you run a risk of getting it wrong and in some cases by getting it wrong you might have to spend extra pennies getting it right.

The Winsor Bishop way to size for an engagement ring

The most important part when it comes to the ring is choosing the style that suits both the person and their individuality. Will they prefer something delicate like a single stone solitaire engagement ring? Will they want something super sophisticated, a three stone engagement ring featuring brilliant cut diamonds. Or how about something a bit more statement like a diamond cluster ring? That's just three examples! We'll cover styles in our next engagement ring blog post.

Back to ring size. The ring doesn’t have to be the perfect fit, but it does have to have the ability to be made smaller or larger if needed. Depending on the style and setting, in most cases it’s easier and cost-effective to size down rather than up. It's always best to discuss with an in-house engagement ring expert.

What’s the average engagement ring size…

With our experience as an independent-jewellers - nearly 200 years in the industry if you fancy rounding it up – we base our rings on the industry standard average size. The average engagement ring size in the UK at present, is typically an M. An engagement ring where it can be made smaller or larger by our expert goldsmiths and maintain perfection. All our rings, even non-engagement rings are produced as size M for this purpose.

You simply set the budget and choose a ring with the help of our experts. Our trusted, highly experienced team will show examples based on styles you’ve selected. They’ll show you ranges of metals explaining their individual qualities and giving you an insight into what would suit their complexion or hand. They’ll explain diamond carat, cut, colour and clarity; as well as sharing knowledge of what makes our diamonds so special. After deliberation on the day or having time to think and research yourself, you’ll make your selection. If it's something very specific and completely unique we’ll design and create your perfect bespoke engagement ring if that’s what you decide.

You’ll eventually be all set to propose.


‘The first documented evidence of engagement rings comes from the 15th century. When, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria offered Mary of Burgundy a gold diamond ring to show his love and commitment’

So, what’s next for the perfect engagement?

Well, here’s the best bit. When the proposal has taken place, tears of joy have been spilt and the grin is a permanent fixture on your fiancé’s face; they can then still enjoy the full Winsor Bishop experience. They don’t have to miss out. Every bride wants to feel special and be given the opportunity to relay the story of how they were proposed to. It’s a memory that’s never forgotten and always treasured… even if it didn’t all go to plan. Choosing an engagement ring can play a massive part in memory making.

We’ll measure for the perfect fit and resize if needed. Within a matter of days, the ring will be back and you’ll be ready to collect and celebrate with us with a glass of pink bubbles or a coffee, whichever you both fancy. Most importantly, there’s no extra charge for the adjustments as it’s all included in the purchase price! Read our Ts & Cs for specifics.

Then you’re all set to begin your engagement in full and start planning for the big day.

At Winsor Bishop, we’re well-known locally for our appreciation of our customers. We want you to experience not just the luxury of our products but all the luxury of being part of the Winsor Bishop family. We believe in quality and that just like rings, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to our customers’ needs. Every visit to our jewellery store should be a treasured experience and evoke happiness and the all-important feeling of being extra special!

We're more than happy for you to pop in-store when it's convenient. Or you can choose to Book an Appointment in our Diamond Lounge. The choice is yours. Our diamond experts are guaranteed to be able to answer all your questions to find exactly what you're looking for.

We can’t wait to meet you and eventually your fiancé.


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