Introducing the Hublot Ferrari Big Bang Limited Edition UK Timepiece.

In 2012 Hublot unveiled the limited edition Big Bang Ferrari themed watch which is only available in select stores and we are delighted to have this piece at Winsor Bishop. The watch, which is exclusive to the UK, represents the core values of both Hublot and the famous Italian racing brand. The Big Bang Ferrari was created with UK buyers in mind and is designed with aesthetic nuances derived from Great British design. The watch was originally announced at the Ferrari Racing days at Silverstone in September 2012 and received a warm welcome from the 25,000 in attendance. Only 50 numbered watches are available in this limited edition run at selected Hublot dealers throughout the country.

Hublot Ferrari Big Bang Limited Edition UK Timepiece

Under the hood.

The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari comes 45.5mm in diameter with a cylindrical bezel, is covered in crystal red sapphire glass and the dial is hand pained with the famous colour of Ferrari racing cars, bright and dark red. Bright colours can be found on the minute and hour dials while the bezel is black ceramic on white, with a red aluminium outline. The strap is made from a combination of leather and rubber stitched in red as a nod to the tyres and luxury upholstery found in Ferrari cars. As you can see the watch is clad in iconic Ferrari red and also features the legendary Prancing Horse signature on the rear of the watch. The design is robust, modern and performance focused and is certain to catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

Hublot Ferrari Big Bang Limited Edition UK Timepiece

Hublot and Ferrari. 

Hublot have been the watchmaking partner of Ferrari since 2011 in a licensing and brand deal which sees the values of both brands exchanged for mutual benefit. The products of both of these iconic manufacturers exemplify accuracy, speed, precision, quality and luxury and as such they are ideal partners and ambassadors for their corresponding brands. Hublot have made several limited edition Big Bang Ferrari watches exclusive to countries around the world and we look forward to receiving ours in the UK. If you would like to see the Hublot Ferrari Big Bang Limited Edition UK Timepiece in person please visit our prestigious jewellery store in Norwich, Norfolk.

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