Introducing the Chanel Premiere and the J12



A Rare Beauty.

It can be difficult finding the watch of your dreams unless you happen to live in one of the bigger cities, especially rare ones from the bigger global brands. One of the brands in question is Chanel, whose watches could prove elusive for you to see in the flesh if you happen to live outside of London. Winsor Bishop are the only Chanel stockist in all of East Anglia and one of the only stores outside of London to hold their luxury timepieces. We are proud to stock items from Chanel’s watch range and are excited to introduce you to the Chanel Premiere collection for ladies. The newest Premiere made a big splash with attendees at Baselworld 2013 and was often mentioned as the best ladies watch on show at the event.

The Chanel Premiere.

The Premiere’s design is instantly recognisable as it incorporates the iconic look of the Chanel No 5 perfume bottle stopper into its appearance which in turn was taken from the aerial view of the Palace Vendome in Paris. First launched in 1987 and baptized the “Premiere”, the watch epitomises all of the characteristics of Chanel, its heritage and its future. The Premiere is a rare find and hugely iconic to the Chanel brand. The watch is also notable for its stripped back elegant design and its sleek surface. You can see the likes of Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Milla Jovovich wearing the latest the Premiere portfolio which was relaunched in February this year.

The Chanel J12.

All Chanel aficionados should keep their eyes on Winsor Bishop during the coming months as we will also be showcasing new and classic watches from famous J12 range. This iconic ceramic black and white timepiece is set to be included with a stylish moon phase display for the first time (pictured above). Chanel specialise in producing high-tech ceramic watches crafted with a level of mastery unique in Switzerland and beyond.

Elegant Design.

The J12 was created with the brands love of simplicity in mind. Mademoiselle Chanel liked to strip her creations of unnecessary frills and stick to the essentials. The J12 reflects this minimalist approach and the result is a phenomenally simple timepiece with a distinct air of modernity. Designed by Chanel’s late and great former artistic director Jacques Helleu, the J12 has succeeded in fusing high-end fashion and specialist watchmaking together for the first time. The success of the J12 range since its inception in 2000 is a testament to the brilliance of its origin.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Chanel J12 range and already have the Premiere watches in store. We would encourage you to pop in and see for yourself why Chanel have such a prestigious reputation. Visit Winsor Bishop and speak to our passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated in-house watch experts. Our range is ever growing with the latest men’s and women’s watches from all of the leading brands and we would encourage you to visit as you won’t find all of our items online. Click here to see our online range of high-end watches.