How To Propose

There is no doubting that if you are considering it, this is definitely the month to Stop, Drop and Pop (the question) with Valentine’s Day just a week away.
However, once you have decided the time is right it’s important to make sure that the proposal is an unforgettable occasion – for all the right reasons! It pays to have some meaningful words prepared, a location thought about and some diamonds purchased.
First of all, sit down and think about what you want to say, you can always write yourself some notes to help. Start off with what you thought about her when you first met her – were you awestruck by how gorgeous she looked? Do you both share an interest or passion for something that attracted her to you? Don’t be afraid to tell her that it’s her love for the Canaries that first attracted you to her!
Talk about things that are important to you both and the plans that you have discussed about the future, special times that you have spent together and maybe the exact moment that you realised that you want to spend the rest of your life with her and this will reiterate why you are perfect for each other and that the time has come to put things on a permanent footing.
So, once you have the words sorted out, start thinking of a location – proposing in the supermarket isn’t the ideal place when it comes to romantic memories, so how about thinking of a place that means something special to the two of you. It might be where you go for beach picnics in the summer, where you went on your first date or even the Geoffrey Watling Stand at Carrow Road if that means something special to you both. If you have lots of places with special memories how about a treasure hunt to lead her around them all with a surprise picnic at the end?
You have what you want to say, you know where you are going to say it so the final step is having a stunning ring ready to slip on her finger when she says ‘yes’. Start doing some research by looking at what jewellery she is already wearing, and then you will have some idea if she prefers platinum, yellow or rose gold and whether she would prefer a classic and timeless solitaire diamond, or if she prefers something a little more glitzy such as three stone or cluster rings. Don’t forget that a ring can be resized free of charge to the exact size your new fiancée requires.
For an ageless solitaire, choose the Open Tulip:

2712100173 final
Or for more sparkle, look at a three stone ring, this gorgeous one is in rose gold with diamond set shoulders:

And for the total wow effect, have a look at a sparkling diamond cluster ring:

2713100054 Final