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  • Unlock a World of Luxury this Autumn

    Unlock a World of Luxury this Autumn

    Welcome to the Winsor Bishop Autumn Campaign, offering you the chance to unlock a world of luxury and adorn yourself with beautiful things from our secret garden. From our limited edition Rose Gold Ring Collection to our House Collection in London and London Rose; we have a selection of warm toned jewellery to make you feel sumptuous and warm th...

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  • Are Diamonds Really Forever?

    Are Diamonds Really Forever?

    Q. Will a diamond look the same in a billion years? What happens to these giant carbon molecules over very long periods of time? A. It depends on where the diamond spends those years, said George E. Harlow, a gem curator at the American Museum of Natural History, who is also an adjunct senior research scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Obser...

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