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  • Unlock a World of Luxury this Autumn

    Unlock a World of Luxury this Autumn

    Welcome to the Winsor Bishop Autumn Campaign, offering you the chance to unlock a world of luxury and adorn yourself with beautiful things from our secret garden. From our limited edition Rose Gold Ring Collection to our House Collection in London and London Rose; we have a selection of warm toned jewellery to make you feel sumptuous and warm th...

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  • The home of Tudor watches in Norwich

    Winsor Bishop is delighted to announce that it has been chosen as the home of the Tudor  watches in Norwich. The brand, which re-launches in the UK market on 19th September, is the perfect complement Winsor Bishop’s portfolio of watch brands, one of the finest in the country. The Tudor brand dates its history back to 1926 when the initial...

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  • Winsor Bishop recognised with 'Shop Floor Star' award

    Winsor Bishop is delighted to announce that Sales Advisor Katherine Webb has been recognised by Professional Jeweller magazine and been named one of the publications 'Shop Floor Stars' at a glittering awards ceremony in London yesterday. From the original nominations twenty sales super stars where recognised for their hard work, dedication, fo...

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  • Hublot may be one of the new kids on the block when compared to other watchmaking brands yet the impact they have made since Carlo Crocco founded the Swiss enterprise in 1980 should be heralded as a monumental achievement. Hublot hit the ground running making large profits within the first year and the rest is history. Today the brand is ins...

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  • Valentine's Day

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways – Elizabeth Barratt Browning All over the world people will be celebrating 14th February as St Valentine’s day. The beginnings of this romantic celebration can be traced back to the middle ages when there was a strong tradition of chivalry and gallantry however Valentine’s Day as we know it now evolved i...

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  • Introducing the Chanel Premiere and the J12

      A Rare Beauty. It can be difficult finding the watch of your dreams unless you happen to live in one of the bigger cities, especially rare ones from the bigger global brands. One of the brands in question is Chanel, whose watches could prove elusive for you to see in the flesh if you happen to live outside of London. Winsor Bishop are ...

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  • The Bremont ALT1-B

    The Bremont ALT1-B

    The Watch After waiting in fevered anticipation for over three months we’re really excited to finally get our hands on our first Bremont ALT1-B, pictured above. This robust and gorgeous chronometer features a hardened stainless steel DLC case and back, a black metal dial with Super-LumiNova coated hands and numerals, a calf-skin leather strap ...

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