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The Winsor Bishop Diamond Upgrade Service

Launching 1st October – 31st December 2020

For a limited time only we are offering Winsor Bishop customers the exclusive opportunity to upgrade your diamond jewellery and receive the purchase price in full.


Why upgrade your diamonds?

BUDGET – Depending on your personal circumstances you may now have a larger budget available to spend on upgrading your diamond jewellery.

FASHION – Ever changing fashion may have led you to purchase your jewellery collection but now it seems somewhat dated. Even though your jewellery collection still holds a wealth of memories there is nothing wrong with transferring these memories to new jewellery pieces, creating additional memories along the way that you will enjoy wearing and showing off.

MILESTONES – Celebrations and momentous milestones are the perfect time for upgrading your diamonds. What not celebrate your wedding anniversary by adding some love back to your jewellery collection with an upgrade.

PERSONAL TASTE – As we go through life our personal taste and style changes and develops with our life experiences. You may have once loved the warm tones of yellow gold but now prefer the cool sleek tones of platinum -the perfect time for an upgrade!


Spotted a 3ct diamond ring that you cant stop dreaming about?

Why not upgrade your Winsor Bishop ring and reduce the cost of A new sparkling design. 




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