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Taking inspiration from our blush London Rose collection, the London Ice collection was specially created by our in-house jewellery designers for the winter period. They decided to design the collection using white gold after the high demand of the London collection collar, also using the circlets and bar motif to make all house collections have a cohesive aesthetic.




The London Ice Necklace

The concept was formed by CEO Sophie Fulford and Operations Director Jessica Whitfield. Its a functional collection inspired by looks from the Catwalk, but has the practicality of everyday wear. The versatility of the collection allows the wearer to change from a simple collar during the day, then the bracelet can then be added to the necklace, to create a dramatic extended drop for evening occasions.

London Ice Necklace – £6,000

There are two parts to the necklace (sold together), both 18ct white gold chains; one measuring 18 inches and the other 16 inches.


The London Ice Bracelet

The London Ice chain bracelet is an ideal piece to wear day to day, and because its such a versatile accessory, it will transition to a glamorous evening occasion well. It can also be added to the necklace set for an even more striking central piece.


London Ice Bracelet – £2,500

Crafted from 18ct white gold, the exclusive design once again features Winsor Bishop’s signature golden circles, kissed by white diamonds for a total of 0.42ct.


The London Ice Earrings

Rounding out the collection are the exceptionally graceful London Ice Earrings, which boast an appealing drop chain design. To be worn with the full or collection, or on their own, these earrings will add a touch of glamour to a usual day or shine bright on a night out.

London Ice Earrings – £2,500

18ct white gold halos with 0.68ct of brilliant cut diamonds.


All three items in the London Ice collection are Limited Edition and are available to purchase in-store Winsor Bishop Norwich and Cambridge, or online. Available individually or as a complete set. If you would like to request an appointment to view the collection, contact us with a date and time suitable for you.







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