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You have made the most emotional decision of your life; you are ready to dedicate your heart to your true love and with this promise of engagement you are ready to choose the perfect ring to symbolise this commitment.

With Winsor Bishop as your guide, we aim to help you discover the perfect ring to epitomize your sweethearts’ personality and style. We understand that your love for one another is as special and unique as a diamond, something to be treasured forever.


Choose Your Style

Solitaire – Timeless, Perfect & Pure

Solitaire style rings present a single gorgeous diamond set atop a band of precious metal. The solitaire ring is elegant in its simplicity yet bold in its symbolism. What better way to express your endless love for someone than pouring all that emotion into one stunning, sparkling gemstone. A perfect and pure design not influenced by changing fashion trends. The timeless style of the Solitaire will ensure this design of ring will be cherished forever and always.


Three Stone – Symbolic, Elegant & Romantic

The three stone ring style perfectly symbolises each special phase in the life of a committed couple. Three expertly faceted diamonds are set perfectly atop a band of precious metal. One stone is to represent the past you have shared with your soulmate and all the memories you hold dear. One stone is to illustrate your loyalty to one another in the present and one stone to represent all the special moments you have yet to share in the future.


Cluster – Eternal, Character & Charm

The Cluster style of ring presents a beautiful centre diamond surrounded by an angelic halo of smaller diamonds arranged perfectly to accentuate the beauty and enhance the quality of the centre gem. This style of ring is a sophisticated choice for those who value elegance and desire a characterful design.


Set Your Sparkle

Find your perfect diamond setting style within our extensive range, each individually designed with passion and dedication to luxury.


Understated elegance combined with unique design. The Skye setting features alluring, highly hand-polished platinum claws hugging the diamonds securely in place. These captivating points of perfect platinum add additional sparkle and unmatched beauty to this diamond design. The Skye setting technique can be found on the Halo’s surrounding the centre diamond and also the Shoulders on the band of the ring.


A wonderfully reimagined setting method combining traditional setting design with modern manufacturing techniques. Micro-claws of precious platinum provide security and additional sparkle for the beautiful diamonds which are recessed into hand-carved channels. This variety of diamond setting style is perfect for those who appreciate extra sparkle with a more vintage appeal. The Memoire setting technique can be found on the Halo’s surrounding the centre diamond and also the Shoulders on the band of the ring.

Open Tulip

The Open Tulip is a truly timeless setting style.  This enchanting diamond setting has been expertly crafted to allow as much light as possible to reflect the brilliance of the centre gemstone, ensuring special sparkle for your proposal and forever after.


Providing unrivalled glamour from every angle the Florentine is a stunning interpretation of a three stone style ring. Claws of precious metal caress the very tips of each perfectly set diamond within a Florentine ring.


This timeless and classic ring style presents 6 precisely crafted, polished platinum claws embracing a centre diamond. The Tulip setting is so named for the intricate detailing of the gallery of the ring representing a beautiful tulip in bloom.


Pick Your Precious Metal

Your choice of engagement ring style can further reflect individuality by considering the different jewellery metals available.


Platinum: Pure, Rare, Eternal.

Pure. Platinum is a pure metal, by its very nature its brilliant white colour will never fade ensuring your diamonds will always reflect beautiful bright white sparkle.

Rare. The most precious and rarest of all metals, platinum has incomparable qualities of durability and epitomises luxury.

Eternal.  This Forever metal is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, perfect to stand the test of time and keep your diamonds safe and sound.


Go for Gold: Colour & Character.

Colour. The bright yellow nature of gold evokes a timeless image of classic jewellery design. Golds ability to blend with alloying metals gives us a stunning spectrum of alternative gold colours: Warm Yellow in its purest form, Cool White when alloyed with silver or Blush Rose when alloyed with copper. Colourful options to reflect an array of personality.

Character.  Gold is the most malleable of metals therefore can be crafted into beautifully intricate designs with even the smallest of details.



Decide Diamond Shape

Each diamond is as unique as a snowflake, they both owe their beauty and charm to nature, however the intricate faceting, shaping and polishing of the gem is in the skilfulness of how the diamond is cut by a master craftsperson. The abundance of diamond cuts available have been perfected over centuries of refining techniques.

Deciding on one of the many shapes available for your unique diamond shining from the centre of your chosen engagement ring is another wonderful way to capture the personality of your loved one.


Round Brilliant Cut – Classic

The most popular diamond shape, the Round Brilliant Cut is our most favoured diamond shape here at Winsor Bishop.

Adored for its exceptional light reflection this shape boasts 57 individual diamond facets guaranteeing maximum brilliance and sparkle within the gemstone.

Cushion Cut – Timeless

The Cushion Cut has been a beloved choice of diamond shape for over 200 years.

This beautiful shape combines a square shape with gently curving, rounded corners. Similar in fire to the Round Brilliant Cut, this alluring facet arrangement creates a star-burst sparkling effect.

Princess Cut – Contemporary

The modern square shape of the Princess Cut is a reimagining of the classic Round Cut.

Still boasting upwards of 50 individually placed facets this shape is ideal if you love the sparkle and brilliance of the Round Cut but prefer a more contemporary design.

Asscher Cut – Vintage

The shape of the Asscher Cut diamond was designed at the beginning of the Art Deco movement.

Bold geometry and expert detail in this vintage shaped diamond cut provides flashes of light reflecting around an incredible 72 facets, a truly mesmerizing diamond shape.

Heart Cut – Romantic

This fancy style of diamond shape has been a favourite of romantics for over 600 years.

Graceful curving symmetry, stunning sparkle and captivating symbolism, the Heart Cut is the ultimate shape of passion.

Pear Cut – Feminine

This sophisticated shape of diamond has been refined and cherished since the 1400’s.

The unmistakable silhouette of the Pear Cut combines the unmissable sparkle of the Round Brilliant Cut with a unique and intricate tapered point at one end. This shape beautifully blends a classic feel with a dynamic shape.

Emerald Cut – Elegance

This mesmerizing design is reminiscent of the bold geometric shapes of the Art Deco period although its origins go back much further.

Exhibiting dazzling flashes of light reflecting around intricately cut, elongated facets this shape is perfect if you prefer a striking yet elegant design.

Radiant Cut – Unique

This modern and unique shape of diamond unifies the elegant, elongated shape of the Emerald Cut with the unparalleled sparkle of the Round Brilliant Cut.

The hypnotic sparkle of this relatively unknown shape is the perfect choice of cut for those who value something truly unique.

Oval Cut – Graceful

Boasting a high reflective quality, this elongated cut of gemstone rivals the Round Cut for its fire and brilliance yet is set apart beautifully by its graceful, elongated curves.

The Oval Cut is a perfect choice if you love the glittering light of a Round Cut but want a diamond with a more charming character.

Marquise Cut – Character

A unique and unmissable design, the Marquise Cut is designed as an elongated elliptical shape with pointed ends.

Infused with character, this attractive shape exhibits a fascinating display of light ensuring it will be the centre of attention.

With all the gorgeous styles to choose from and with Winsor Bishop’s 1-2-1 expert help, your proposal will be unforgettable.

Once you have chosen you dream ring then its time plan your special moment, the beginning of this amazing journey together. Now is the time, with so much uncertainty clouding the present there’s one thing of which we can be sure, Love shines through.

Next is the moment you will both never forget; you see her delight reflected within the sparkling diamond facets of her perfect engagement ring.

Let us help you begin your happy ever after. 

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