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Doves by Doron Paloma available in the UK at Winsor Bishop


Introducing Doves by Doron Paloma

This autumn we are excited to share the launch of Doves by Doron Paloma. Now available exclusively in store in the UK at Winsor Bishop. A new and exciting brand – worn by stars such as Naomi Campbell, Beyonce and Ariana Grande as well as J Lo – can now be purchased online and instore. Offering the beauty of colourful semi-precious stones against luxury 18ct gold metallics and exuberant sparkling white diamonds; our latest addition to Winsor Bishop is simply exquisite!

Designer, Doron Paloma creates unique pieces that push the boundaries of contemporary jewellery. Inspired by his passion for architecture and design the collections are crafted in 18ct gold, diamonds and precious gemstones. Featuring the feminine rose tones of cabochon pink opal and the mystical allure of malachite, the jewellery includes a rainbow of colours to suit every style and skin tone.

Doves by Doron Paloma available in the UK at Winsor Bishop

“Color is my favorite language. When I create a collection, I think of what that color means to me, and design with that emotion in mind.”



Doves By Doron Paloma – Brand Story

Doron’s journey began studying architecture. He received a degree as well as several awards in the field, including the prestigious American Institute of Architects Design Award.

DOVES was realised when he spent a summer sketching jewellery for the family gemstone business. His talent for drawing, combined with his graphic interpretation of light, spatial relations and colour forged iconic pieces with a distinct style. 

Under Doron’s vision, keen eye for detail and uncompromising craftsmanship, the DOVES brand has gained global recognition. Receiving industry awards and being worn by the red carpet’s brightest stars. Doron PalomaDoron’s trend setting, fashion forward and timeless jewellery has gained global attention.  


“A beautiful piece of jewelry goes beyond style. It should evoke an emotion, inspire confidence, and accentuate the natural beauty of any woman.”




Celebrities wearing Doves by Doron Paloma

DOVES on the red carpet 

Feature Collection: Verde by Doves Doran Paloma 

The Verde collection showcases the deep green hues of malachite. Encased in warm 18ct yellow gold, bright white diamonds and bold black onyx, a truly eye catching piece of art. Overall the semi-circle deco shape of the Verde collection adds a vibrant pop of colour in an alluring design. 

Fine chains allow the necklaces to be layered, making them extremely versatile to be dressed up or down for all occasions as can be seen below. Hence why Verde by Doves Doran Paloma has quickly become an inhouse favourite. 

Keep up to date with our social channels for our Autumn styling edit coming soon.



Verde Doves by Doron Paloma available in the UK at Winsor Bishop


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