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FOPE is an italian jewellery designer which has evolved into an International jewellery brand. The family run business has passed through 4 generations, with headquarters and production facilities based in Vicenza, Italy – where the company was established in 1929.  We are delighted to offer the FOPE jewellery collections exclusively online and instore at Winsor Bishop.

Today every piece of jewellery is still proudly made in-house and shipped to more than 50 countries worldwide, fulfilling the founder’s vision which is mirrored in the brand’s name. FOPE, which is in fact, an acronym which translates in English as Factory of Jewellery Precious Export.

All of FOPE’s creations share a distinctive character given by the Novecento gold mesh chain they feature, a timeless classic turned into a true icon thanks to its elegant gold weave varying in gauge and design. This signature jewellery represents a quintessentially Italian idea of style which has granted worldwide brand success.



FOPE is the inventor of Flex’it, a patented system that makes its smooth bracelets extendible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden in the mesh links.


FOPE’s intricate gold mesh is smooth and resilient thanks to intricate design and production – and it feels great to wear too.


Rings can be Flex’it too. With FOPE elegance meets comfort, and rings have never been so easy to wear – and gift.



Explore the world of expertly crafted FOPE jewellery exclusively available at Winsor Bishop. 



A Brief History Of FOPE

Fope was founded by Umberto Cazzola as a goldsmithing workshop producing watch bracelets in Vicenza, near Venice, a town rich in goldsmithing tradition.  Umberto’s innovative approach was passed onto his son Odino who invested in cutting-edge technology to create revolutionary products when Italy was experiencing a strong economic growth after the Second World War. It was then the flexible metal straps were created, which remained a core product until the 1960’s. It is also when the company name FOPE was created, standing for “Factory of Jewellery Precious Export”.

When the third generation of the family entered the business in 1970’s, they started experimenting on their techniques in creating fine gold jewellery collections, following years of extensive research and development. In 1985, under this generation, the most iconic “Novecento mesh” was born, which brought huge success, not only within Italy but also worldwide.

Fope continued its growth with the fourth generation by blending fine craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. 2007 saw an introduction of the revolutionary Flex’it lines, featuring stretchable bracelets and rings. Made in 18ct Gold, they are rendered flexible using small gold springs hidden between each link, the system that they invented some decades ago. These incredibly smooth chains brought a revolution in how women wear jewellery every day. Fope’s high quality, sustainable, ethical and environmental standards has also been recognised by RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) and they have been a member since 2014.

Today, having celebrated 90 years since establishment in 2019, FOPE sends its jewellery to more than 50 countries in the world every day. However global they became, their heart stays in Vicenza where all their jewellery are designed, crafted, and finished in house by highly skilled craftsmen, all under the same one roof.


FOPE factory view, Vicenza, Italy, 1950.


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