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Our watch experts here at Winsor Bishop have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the highly sought after Bremont Codebreaker watch. We are fortunate enough to have three of these on their way and cannot stress enough how lucky we are as there are only 250 of them in existence! The watch has been created by Bremont in collaboration with the Bletchley Park Trust to create a timepiece like no other ever made. A percentage of the proceeds will be going to assist the ongoing restoration of Bletchley Park to help maintain its iconic standing in British history.

Bremont Codebreaker

Bletchley Park – The Birthplace of the Digital Age

Bletchley Park was made famous during World War II as it became home to the British Governments Code and Cypher School (GC&SC). Intelligence carried out on the site was instrumental in the victory of the Allied forces and contributed to the sinking of German U-boats and the success of the British army in the North African campaign. The site is famous for being the birthplace of modern computing and the information revolution as the world’s first programmable electronic computer, Colossus, was built at the estate to assist in breaking German ciphers.

Ten Colossi computers were constructed and used during the war period and without this step into digital programming our iPhones, laptops and Angry Birds wouldn’t exist. In 1991 the site was almost completely empty and in danger of being demolished for redevelopment. In 1992 the site was declared a conservation area and later the Bletchley Park Trust was formed to oversee the preservation of this prestigious British monument. The trust is supported by volunteers and is funded through public support. The contribution that Bremont is making to raise awareness of the site and to donate proceeds from sales of the Codebreaker will help to keep the site active for generations to come.

Codebreaker features.

The Codebreaker is inspired by a classic 40’s officer’s watch and contains parts created from materials taken from Bletchley Park itself, such as pine from the iconic hut 6 and paper from one of the last remaining data punch cards used to crack the Enigma code. Part of the watch rotor is also made from the wheel of an original Enigma machine. Any owner of a Bremont Codebreaker will genuinely be carrying a piece of history around with them and supporting the future of the Bletchley Park estate and the legacy of Alan Turing.

Bremont Codebreaker

As you can see, the reverse of the Codebreaker features a touching homage to the inimitable Alan Turing as the engraving (BTRUERMIONNGT) is a combination of the words Bremont and Turing. This limited run contains 240 steel and 50 rose gold timepieces.

Technical Specifications

Continued in Part 2.

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