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The Bremont Codebreaker has been designed to celebrate the place of Alan Turing and Bletchley Park in British history and as such the watch incorporates historical artefacts from Bletchley Park in its construction.  The watch celebrates ingenious design, pinpoint accuracy and the best of intelligent British manufacturing. We have been looking forward to seeing the watch for months and are extremely happy to finally have three in store. The Codebreaker reflects the passion of Bremont founders Nick and Giles English have for British history and it follows their 2012 Victory watch.

Bremont Codebreaker

Giles English; Co-founder Bremont

“Bletchley Park has such an amazing place in world history and has not only inspired us to create the beautiful ‘Codebreaker’ watch, but enabled Bremont to help raise funds and profile for the preservation of this important heritage site of which we are so proud.”

Iain Standen; CEO Bletchley Park Trust

“Bremont accomplished a great deal with the HMS Victory watch, both in terms of product and the benefits to the National Museum of the Royal Navy. Knowing this and seeing Bremont’s vision, we were keen to work with them. The mission of the Bletchley Park Trust is to preserve this important part of history for future generations.”

Alan Turing – The Father of Modern Computer Science

Bremont Codebreaker

Bletchley Park was also the workplace of British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. Turing was the brains behind many of the computing and cryptanalytic innovations which emerged from Bletchley during the war period and was instrumental in the development of computer systems used to crack codes and defeat enemy intelligence agencies. Turing is most famously known for his work deciphering messages encrypted by the German Enigma machine and thus revealing enemy secrets. Turing is synonymous with the birth of computing and an iconic British war hero who sadly wasn’t recognised for his efforts during his own lifetime.

In 1952 Alan Turing was arrested and pleaded guilty to homosexuality which was until 1967 a criminal offense. Two years later he tragically committed suicide at the age of 41. The release of the Bremont Codebreaker is another step in the right direction for the rehabilitation of the reputation of a man who achieved many great things for his country and was ultimately victimised because of his sexuality. Over the last few years there has been public and political pressure for the Government to issue a formal pardon and an apology for his prosecution. The campaign has reached the House of Lords and a bill is thankfully in process.

Bremont Codebreaker

Visit Winsor Bishop

As we have stated, there are only three Codebreaker watches available at Winsor Bishop. Visit our Norwich store to see this incredible watch in person before it’s too late. The piece really captures the imagination and is a fitting dedication to the heritage of one of British history’s most enduring institutions and one of its most innovative and brilliant minds.

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