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If you love jewellery as much we do, we’re sure you’ll understand why investing in an item of high-end jewellery is at the top of many wish lists. Whether it be a luxury brand such as Rolex or a timeless diamond gift like a 12ct diamond tennis bracelet. Such prestigious items will be worn and adored throughout the years and by generations to come. 

Simply for the love of Jewellery

An item of jewellery means so much more than just being an accessory. While clothes highlight your personality and self-expression. Hair and makeup reflects how the world sees us. Jewellery – especially when marking a key event – works very differently.

Jewellery evokes emotion and memories. With most bigger purchases being made as part of a specific event, accomplishment or as an affectionate gesture for a loved one. It can uniquely bring back memories of a time in life or even a mood. Or even a beautiful story in your family history.

It could be the engagement ring that your great grandfather gave to his beloved. A ring that re-injects the emotion of the past into your life through proposing with the same ring. Or it could be the heirloom of pearls past through the generations as a gesture of love from mother to daughter.

Quality jewellery will last many a lifetime. It could end up an emotionally priceless heirloom or an investment specifically to sell in the future. But, there’s a starting point to every jewellery story.


Investment Marquise diamond ringThe Price Per Wear Concept

There’s a great concept called price per wear (PPW) which truly highlights why investing in jewellery could be financially rewarding. We’ve all purchased fashion jewellery, where say a necklace has been worn once and then tucked away in a draw. Never to be worn again. There’s obviously nothing wrong with this concept. However, when you start adding up the amount of times you’ve done the same, the monetary value involved you’ll be surprised. Before you know it, you have a lots of jewellery, which in essence has no value emotionally or financially.

PPW is all about focusing on how much an item costs you every time you wear it. So, for example, if you buy numerous trendy items from the high-street, what you could be losing sight of is that the same money saved and invested could have afforded something valuable. Something special which could be an investment for later years.

What style blogger, Tess Montgomery says:

We’ve been working alongside style blogger Tess Montgomery, and to quote her from a recent article, she talks PPW. “Quite simply, not about the price you pay when you purchase something. It’s about how the cost gets divided each time you use it. A cheap item worn once is a very expensive buy. And an expensive item worn for the rest of your life is a bargain. This is the core value of Price Per Wear.”


Jewellery that can be worn every day such as an engagement, wedding or eternity ring; has amazing PPW compared to that of a trinket ring. The same with core diamond items such as diamond studs and bracelets. These can be worn all day long, everyday; and not forgetting that ultimate watch purchase where brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Omega will never expire in value or quality.


Impressive examples of jewellery investment

Every year there are auctions around the world where quality diamonds from family heirlooms sell for incredible amounts. For example, in 2017, a Pink Star diamond sold for £57.3 million in Sotheby’s Hong Kong. In 2008, a British jeweller bought the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond at a whopping $23.4 million. These jewellery pieces were not as expensive during the initial purchase but over the years have increased in value. Largely due to their stature through originality, history and quite simply their unequivocal quality.

Looking at massive sales figures such as these, are the extremes. In another 100 years, however, who knows what your latest investment could be worth for generations to come.

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