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Becky’s Story

“Ok here goes – so brief background both myself and my hubby to be have been married before. When we started dating we had a discussion around marriage and how both of us did not want to get married again. However skip ahead to the beginning of this year and he tells me that being with me has changed his feelings on marriage and that he will ask me however he will not ask on my birthday or his or Christmas or anniversary of our first date or any holiday etc. Really laid the ground work for me not seeing it coming as it would just be a normal day.
In Feb/March this year we went to St Lucia (Sandals resort v.nice)
We were nearing the end of the holiday and getting ready to go out for dinner and talking about our future when all of a sudden he sinks down on one knee and has to start with “I’m being deadly serious” and then he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!! He genuinely was not going to ask so he had no ring!! I remember laying by the pool the next day looking on your website for an engagement ring.
We came in a week or two later to have a look for a ring and I ended up coming away with a beautiful ring. Not the one I saw on your website but another of your beautiful engagement rings.”


Jessica’s Story

“So unbeknown to me, my partner had came to Your Norwich store in June 2016. He had a rough idea of what he was looking for but took a lot of advise from one of the assistants. She was even so kind to model several different rings for him. After a glass of champagne and lots of deliberating he finally chose the ring.
He kept hold of it for a month, well hidden I might add! Then on the 30th July 2016 our daughter was born. Just a few hours after giving birth, whilst I was holding our daughter, he got down on one knee beside my bed and proposed! I was gobsmacked, all my dreams had come true in a matter of hours. It really was the last thing I was expecting but it was so perfect.

We do laugh now that he waited to check I could produce a good looking child before he would propose.

We have our wedding booked for 17th May 2019 in Cyprus.

We’re looking forward to seeing the staff at the Norwich store to get all our jewellery for the big day.”


Sarah’s Story

“Our proposal story; myself and my fiance shaun had been together 6 years when he proposed to me on December 2nd last year. December the 2nd is the date we officially started going out so we had gone away to Berlin for the weekend for the Christmas markets. On the night of our anniversary we got a horse and carriage around Brandenburg gate and the Christmas markets and that’s when he popped the question! It was a complete surprise and he had chosen the ring all by himself after asking my mum’s permission. My ring is stunning and both Winsor bishop and Berlin will always mean the world to us. ☺☺☺


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