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It’s nearly time to announce this year’s Make a Wish competition winner, and we cannot wait to see who gets their wish this Christmas. Take a look back at past winners and read their magical stories.


It had been a tough year for James and Charlene, and when we had found that they had both made the same wish we wanted to make their dream a reality. James had battled with skin and lung cancer, and despite his illness he wrote a wish for his fiance Charlene. He wished for an eternity ring to say thank you for standing by him throughout the hardest moments of his life and for bringing their first child into the world while he was going through treatment.  Charlene wished for a healthy fiance and hoped they would get married in 2017 after James was fully recovered from all treatment.

To make James and Charlene’s wish come true was the least we could do after all that 2016 had thrown at them. They came into Winsor Bishop Norwich with their baby boy and picked out an eternity ring. We made sure that it matched the beautiful engagement ring that James chose Charlene from Winsor Bishop earlier in the year. It was so lovely to see smiles all around, to make Charlene feel special, and to see James looking so happy and healthy. We hope they had a lovely Christmas together.



This year we wanted to make Kai’s wish come true. Kai was born in October at just 24 weeks. His Mum, Elizabeth is with him 24/7 as his tough fight for life goes on. Kai (meaning “Little Fighter”) lives in Intensive Care at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital and his family are all on his journey with him.

With a little help from Kai’s Nanny, Maxine, she made a wish on Kai’s behalf to Winsor Bishop for some beautiful pink Tourmaline (the birth stone for October) and Diamond earrings for Kai to give to his Mummy. She wished for them to be waiting on his incubator on Christmas morning, for Elizabeth to treasure.

As you can see from the pictures, Elizabeth was so happy with the surprise and it meant so much that her family made a wish to brighten Christmas morning. We feel so proud to have been able to make this wish come true, and praise Elizabeth for having such strength through Kai’s battle.



Mr Wright was walking past Winsor Bishop one day in December and noticed our Make a Wish post box outside and decided to make a wish. He wasn’t able to afford an engagement ring for his fiance, so hoped that with a little help from us that that could change. And it did! We made Mr Wright’s wish come true, and took the stress away that comes with the financial side of planning a wedding. The happy couple came in together and were taken up to our bridal suite for the bride-to-be to choose the perfect ring, and enjoyed a glass of champagne and chocolates. We wished them the best of luck as they start their journey together.

All the wishes made at Christmas have one thing in common, and that’s people wanting to show how much they care about someone else. That’s why we do it, we want to give something back to our customers as they are the driving force of Winsor Bishop, so we will help with a gift to make someone feel valued. There is still time to enter so come to Winsor Bishop to fill out a card and post it in the make a wish box, or contact us online, we’re even taking entries through social media. The lucky winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. We look forward to it every year, and cannot wait to see what Christmas 2017 brings.



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