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This year’s Make a Wish a winner for Norwich went to Tracey Bolster, and it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person.

Saffron, Tracey’s youngest daughter contacted Winsor Bishop to make a wish on behalf of her Mum. It was a genuine message of admiration, Saffron didn’t even ask for anything specific, she just wanted other people to know what an amazing tower of strength her Mum had been to their family over the past few years.

Tracey recently lost her husband of 24 years to an aggressive tumour that was diagnosed only 9 months before he sadly passed away. Within that short time Tracey fought hard to make her husband as comfortable as possible. Saffron brought her wedding closer with the hope that her Dad would be there, and with the help of her Mum they planned a wedding in just 3 months. Regretfully, their Dad didn’t make it to Saffron’s big day. 3 days after his passing, Danielle (Saffron’s sister) had a horrendous child birth, and Tracey sat with her for 4 days helping her through. Again, an act of complete selflessness even through the most difficult of times.

When we called Saffron to let her know that her wish was being made true by Winsor Bishop, she was so overcome with gratefulness and jut couldn’t say anything other than thank you.

Danielle came into the Norwich store first to be apart of the surprise, and a few minutes later Saffron came in with her Mum. Tracey was absolutely baffled as to why she was here, after we sat them all down and got them a glass of champagne, we presented Tracey with a 14ct White Gold Diamond Set necklace from our Love and Luck collection.


As you can imagine, emotions were high, and they were all so thankful. Tracey couldn’t be happier, firstly with the thought of being put forward by her daughter for the competition, and secondly because she felt like her luck has changed. Tracey is an unbelievably positive person, and someone we can all learn from.

Merry Christmas to you all and we hope 2018 brings you more love and luck ever than before.

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