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Diamonds are forever as well as being a girls’ best friend. We all know the famous quotes surrounding the world’s most beloved of all precious stones, but where does the stone’s origins and rich history lie? Why is it the most popular to represent love and commitment? And what sets apart Winsor Bishop Diamonds from the rest? Here is your Winsor Bishop online Diamond Masterclass…

April- #monthofthediamond…

Natural Diamonds are rare and each unique, dating back billions of years. So why is it that they are the birth stone for the month of April? The concept of birthstones originates back to biblical times, with birthstones worn as form of a lucky charm. They still live on with the 12 official birthstones celebrated by jewellery designers and consumers alike. Diamond, coming from the Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning ‘invincible’, blessing those born in the month of April inner strength. Aside from their symbolic meaning, Diamonds are a natural substance and are one of the hardest natural resources on the planet. They can only be accessed by us today thanks to natural deep-source volcanic eruptions which sent diamond deposits from the Earth’s mantle closer to the surface. Whilst its white variation is arguably is most famous, Diamonds come in a wide range of colours such as blue, green, pink, yellow and purple dependent upon the type of impurities that are present in the stone.


Will you…

Diamonds, over anything, are symbolic of love and for years they have remained the most popular choice of stone for engagement ring settings. The use of rings as a symbol of commitment dates back in ancient history, specifically to the betrothal (truth) rings worn by the Romans. These early rings, often formed from twisted copper or braided hair, were worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The placement of the ring was significant as Romans believed that a vein in this finger ran directly to the heart, calling this the ‘vena amoris’ or vein of love. Whilst modern day science may not back such sentimental theory from the Romans, the tradition has stuck with many engaged and wed couples donning their symbolic rings on this finger.

The modern day diamond at Winsor Bishop…

As jewellery trends are ever changing, is classic diamond jewellery due an upgrade?

At Winsor Bishop, we do not see this as the reality and the white Diamond continues to be at the forefront of our most popular engagement and eternity band designs, and at the top of most customers’ wish lists. Whilst some jewellery designers and consumers are looking to stones such as ruby or sapphire, ala Kate Middleton, classic Diamond settings will never go out of style. Sara, Winsor Bishop jewellery specialist, with over 40 years experience says, “An engagement ring should be the perfect synergy between your own personal style and a classic design that will last a lifetime.” So, our diamond ring designs continue to evolve and, with variations on setting, cuts and band metal type our customers can find the piece which, as Sara says, speaks to your personal style whilst remaining a timeless piece to wear for a lifetime. Our bespoke service allows you to create a truly unique piece and bring your dream ring to life.


What makes a Winsor Bishop Diamond…

Our Diamond lounge homes one of the largest collections of Diamond jewellery in Norwich and believe our Diamonds are set apart from the rest. We recognise that as well as being a treasured piece to wear a lifetime, an engagement ring is an investment and our rings at Winsor Bishop are assured to be a quality investment to stand the test of time thanks to our strict quality control on our Diamond supply. Many of our Diamonds come with GIA certification. Not only this, but our expert Diamond specialists are on hand to guide you through key Diamond industry criteria of each piece and the individual unique characteristics of each stone. Our Diamonds are ethical, as we only deal with Diamond suppliers who participate within the global Diamond industry ‘Kimberley process’; aiming to reduce the flow of conflict Diamonds.

To view our Diamond collection within our beautiful Diamond Lounge, visit us in-store. Alternatively, click below or call 01603 620638 to book an appointment with one of our jewellery specialists.


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