Ring types explained

Solitaire Rings at Winsor Bishop


A single diamond on a platinum or gold band – a classic, the simplicity and elegance of the single stone is a timeless symbol of love. You can choose a beautiful Round Brilliant Cut diamond with fire in its soul, or go for something a little different with a Princess or Emerald cut stone. The traditional setting is the simple claw but for something more unusual look at rubover settings.

Three Stone Rings at Winsor Bishop

Three stone

If you are looking for an engagement ring that is a little out of the ordinary then take a look at a three stone ring which will have been designed to fit perfectly against a wedding band. Just like a solitaire the three stone will come in a variety of cuts with the most popular being the Round Brilliant Cut and again you can choose between a variety of settings that will make the most of the splendour of the stones.

Cluster Rings at Winsor Bishop


The Cluster ring will give you a lot of sparkle for your money. A centre stone is surrounded by diamonds often with diamond studded shoulders to the ring as well, and if you prefer a coloured stone then this style of ring is perfect for you – you can have the rich opulence of sapphires, emeralds or rubies encircled with sparkling diamonds. Alternatively, you can have a cluster ring that has a central diamond surrounded by additional diamonds.