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For ten special days between May 27th and June 7th 2015 Patek Philippe will be presenting their Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition London 2015 project at the Saatchi Gallery in London.
Celebrating their 175 years of high-precision watch manufacturing this exhibition will give you an insight into the company’s 175 year history as well as the its heritage in the domain of haute horlogerie. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the world of the last privately family owned Geneva watch company from the inside.
Artisans working live and watchmaker demonstrations are some of the activities taking place during the event next year. There will be 12 rooms (including the Immersion room, the Film Theatre room, the Current Collection room, the Museum room, the Grand Complications Room, the 175th Collection Gallery room and the Rare Handcrafts Gallery room) throughout the entire Gallery and visitors will have access to over 400 exceptional pieces

The Watch Art Grand Exhibition will bring to a close the Patek Philippe 175th anniversary celebrations, which started on 1st May this year. The event will incorporate the commemorative timepieces which will be presented later this year to the world and people will have the chance to experience these great moments in history for the company.

According to Jasmina Steele, the International Communication & Public Relations Director of Patek Philippe, the aim of the Grand Exhibition is to recreate places and elements of the company that will provide an unforgettable experience for each visitor offering as near as possible, the experience Patek Philippe guests have when they visit the company’s manufacture in Geneva, The Museum or the historical building in the Rue du Rhone. “We really want visitors to know about the history of horology through our own history and leave the Exhibition with a greater general knowledge of watchmaking”.

Mark Hearn, the Managing Director for Patek Philippe UK, says: “We are very proud of hosting this magnificent event in London, a multicultural city and a hub for business and tourists who come to visit from all over the world. If we can inspire and help visitors to understand and appreciate watchmaking, we will have achieved our objective”.


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