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Such a sweet and kind story written by the one proposing this time, Arron was so excited to share his and Becky’s romantic tale. He whisked her away to New York after buying her dream ring, and when they stood gazing at a stunning skyline, Arron proposed to the love of his life at the top of the Empire State Building.

“Good afternoon Winsor Bishop,

My fiancée had tagged me in a post of yours about requesting for proposal stories from people that purchased an engagement ring from yourselves so here is ours! I hope you enjoy!

So back in May 2017 we had decided to pop into the Norwich Winsor Bishop just to get an idea about the rings and what Becky would like. Becky tried a good few lovely rings and then when the last one came out, that is when I saw Becky fell in love with, that one ring that took her heart. We were introduced to the Arranmore engagement ring and the moment Becky tried on the ring on, I could see she fell in love with this from the first second she saw this on her finger and that the name was similar to mine.

I knew after that day and having that experience, Becky was the one for me and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. It just felt right and all I could think about was what is the best way to propose to her. I had all sorts of ideas but to me Becky is perfect and I wanted to make sure she has the perfect proposal. Then it came to me, I wanted to propose to Becky when we went to New York in November 2017, on the evening of Thanksgiving Day at the top of the Empire State Building where everything would be lit up and the scenery would be spectacular.

After a few months of saving, I came in to the shop in September to pick up Becky’s ring during a busy lunch break. This was the only time I could pick the ring up without Becky knowing!

The weekend before we went to New York, we had visited Norwich and decided to walk by Winsor Bishop as Becky wanted to see the ring again. A member of staff came outside to see us and Becky asked to see the ring only to find out they don’t have it in store anymore. The look on Becky’s face was heartbreaking but I already knew it was in my safe place.

Then came our trip to New York and what a place to visit. The lights were on, the spirits were high and on Thanksgiving, we had a ticket to go up the Empire State Building during the day and the evening. During our visit during the day, I found the perfect spot to do the proposal – a view to the South of the city with the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

Then came the evening and the nerves hit me like a tonne of bricks. The ring was hidden in my pocket and the words I had memorized in my head with what I wanted to say that night just disappeared. I was so excited to do this for the woman I love but I was very nervous about the whole thing. We had a lovely meal for Thanksgiving, had a wander around the bright evening lights of New York and then headed to the top of the Empire State Buiding.

It was a clear night, the lights were shining and there was a saxophonist playing – an amazing way to set the scene. We stood just in front of the South of the city where I asked a member of the public if they would kindly take a picture for us only for them to realise I had put it to record. That was then when I went down on one knee and told Becky how she made my life perfect and I couldn’t imagine life without her. I asked her the biggest question of my life and she gave me the greatest answer of my life by saying Yes!

So now we are very happily engaged and now on course to planning our wedding.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Winsor Bishop for having the perfect ring for Becky. This for us has been the best year ever!”



Thanks Arron, we look forward to seeing you both in the new year.

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