Patek Philippe - Rare Timepiece Exhibition, New Minute Repeater
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Patek Philippe: A quarternery of Legendary craftsmanship

Discover A quarternery of Legendary craftsmanship presented by patek philippe ~ introducing four new minute repeaters.

Patek Philippe have been meticulously designing and crafting legendary timepieces as works of art since 1839. These unique examples of horological excellence epitomise the refined aesthetics of mechanical perfection. This quest for superior functionality, aesthetic and ergonomic horology continues to this day and manifests itself with the continued application of accomplished, ancestral skills in watches of the current collection.


To celebrate the iconic expertise of the worlds most exquisite watchmaker, Patek Philippe are showcasing a generous selection of legendary timepieces in a Rare Handcrafts exhibition.  At its iconic headquarters on Rue du Rhône in central Geneva between 16th and 26th June, the horology house will present more than 75 pocket watches, wristwatches, table clocks and dome pendulums.

Patek Philippe have released four new minute repeater timepieces to celebrate this extraordinary occasion.

Winsor Bishop are honoured to be the sole authorised retailer for Patek Philippe within the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

We are delighted to offer an extensive collection of Patek Philippe timepieces. These unique watches represent the quintessence of Swiss horology, the heritage of perfection, exclusivity, and honour.

Request an appointment with one of our Patek Philippe Specialists to view these rare and exclusive timepieces.

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