Bespoke Design Service

Jewellery Design - Rio Earrings and Rio Ring

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a saying we are all very familiar with and none so true when we express ourselves in choosing jewellery. We all have our own ideas of how a piece of jewellery should look, what metal we would like whether it is Gold, Silver or Platinum and what wonderful precious gems we should like to wear.

The fascination of jewellery depends not only on the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece but also depends on its style and the ability of ease in which the owner can wear it. Sometimes we are left items or given gifts which we like but maybe for some reason find them not suitable for our needs. This is where Winsor Bishop's design service steps in!

We are very passionate about the jewellery we sell and equally as passionate into breathing new life into piece which may have been left in a jewellery box for decades! The craftsmen we use are of the highest recommendation, their skills and judgment come with many years of love and experience. Our qualified consultants at Winsor Bishop will help you decide on the designs you like and advise you what will be best using your jewellery (we may even advise you to leave the piece as it is if it is a wonderful historical example). Your ideas will be interpreted for you in the form of a sketch and quotations given for the work. Should you wish to add gems or other precious metals we can provide these, giving you the choice of colour, size and quality.

We also design bespoke jewellery and this is also very exciting. There is nothing like the feeling of having an individual piece made just for you. The only one in the world of that design! Jewellery is about making memories whether it is a new piece or a redesign or bespoke item. The thought that you can take Grandmother's ring, using all of her stones, and recreate it into something you would wear is truly special. We never forget the moment, the reason, the person or how we received that piece of jewellery and we hope you will not forget us at Winsor Bishop in helping you create another precious memory.

Ruby Ring - Design Case Study

Design Case Study

One of our very interesting "Design Moments" was regarding some inherited jewellery. Our client came in with a selection of rings which she had been left by her Mother and Grandmother. She wanted to make two rings for her daughters-in-law using the stones. We assessed how many stones there were and how best we could divide them equally between the girls.

We used the Ruby from one ring and the Emerald from the other as our main feature stones and then proceeded to design two rings which were tailored to the girls' lifestyles. One young lady was very sporty so the ring needed to be practical and therefore she selected a rub over setting (taking our advice to use the Ruby as the stone is harder than the more fragile Emerald and would stand up to a little more wear).

The other ring's purpose was to be worn as a special ring more for the evening so we advised a claw for the Emerald and rub over setting using the rest of the diamonds in the shoulders of the ring and following the shape of the stone. The results were wonderful and the young ladies had bespoke rings which suited their lifestyles, incorporated their family and helped created their own new memories.

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