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 ring style guide 

Each diamond is as unique as a snowflake, they both owe their beauty and charm to nature, however the intricate faceting, shaping and polishing of the gem is in the skilfulness of how the diamond is cut by a master craftsperson. The abundance of diamond cuts available has been perfected over centuries of refining techniques.

Deciding on one of the many shapes available for your unique diamond shining from the centre of your chosen engagement ring is another wonderful way to capture the personality of your loved one.

With this guide, we can help you consider different types of styles and settings to help narrow down your search for the perfect ring.

Pick Your Precious Metal

Your choice of engagement ring style can further reflect individuality by considering the different jewellery metals available.

Platinum: Pure, Rare, Eternal.

Pure. Platinum is a pure metal, by its very nature its brilliant white colour will never fade ensuring your diamonds will always reflect a beautiful bright white sparkle.

Rare. The most precious and rarest of all metals, platinum has incomparable qualities of durability and epitomises luxury.

Eternal. This forever metal is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, perfect to stand the test of time and keep your diamonds safe and sound.

Go for Gold: Colour & Character.

Colour. The bright yellow nature of gold evokes a timeless image of classic jewellery design. Gold’s ability to blend with alloying metals gives us a stunning spectrum of alternative gold colours: warm yellow in its purest form, cool white when alloyed with silver or blush rose when alloyed with copper. Colourful options to reflect an array of personality.

Character. Gold is the most malleable of metals and therefore can be crafted into beautifully intricate designs with even the smallest of details.

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