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Jewellery Repairs

Our vast jewellery repair offering encompasses everything from the re-tipping of claws, repair of bracelet clasps and re-rhodium plating to the colour matching and replacement of precious gemstones.

The aftersales and repairs team would be delighted to examine your jewellery items and offer you any necessary advice on the work required and obtain an estimate of any costs related to this.


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Redesign. If you have a strand of pearls you would like to breathe some life into, we offer a pearl redesign service where we are able to make up new necklaces and bracelets using your current pearls. Prices from £85.

We recommend the re-threading of your pearls annually, this is so that your necklace or bracelet of pearls won’t break at an unexpected time, and that there’s no subsequent damage to the individual pearls. Prices from £50.


Tips on caring for your pearls

Pearls are resilient and meant to be worn, but they are also delicate and require the correct attention and care. Use the following steps to enjoy your Winsor Bishop pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings and protect them for generations to come. When in doubt about any aspect of care, contact our After Sales team.



When you put away your pearls for the day, wipe with a soft lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off. The cloth can we damp or dry, if damp then allow the pearls to air dry before putting them away.

Last on, first off. Pearls are particularly vulnerable to damage from beauty products such as hair spray, perfume and body creams. The chemicals can potentially permeate the pearl and cause damage to the structure, or diminish the colour.


Pearls can be scratched when they come into contact with other items of jewellery. To prevent tangles and damage, lay each item out separately in your jewellery box. If you’re carrying your pearls, use a protective pouch or box. Try to wear your pearls as often as you can, leaving them in storage too long can leave the pearls dehydrated and brittle.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Winsor Bishop is proud that all of our jewellery is ethically produced; adhering to the Kimberley Process guidelines. We work closely with the DTC (The Diamond Cutting Company) to ensure we only offer customers fully ethical jewellery that is traceable to its source.

Ethical jewellery is that which is ethically sourced, made and sold and will be free from human and environmental abuse. Diamonds aside, the gold used within our pieces is traceable to a reputable mine which benefits its community and is environmentally aware in its methods of operation. We believe that ensuring our jewellery meets these ethical requirements is a key component of our business.

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