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If you own a watch in good condition that you would like to sell, Winsor Bishop can offer a valuation of the timepiece and give you an estimate as to what its worth may be.

We may need some time to research the watch, and assess its current working state to determine whether it will need further work before selling on. This will be a factor when considering the price. Please be aware that any offer is an estimate only and is subject to change when the watch has been examined in store by a member of staff or our in house Wachmakers. If an enquiry is sent by email, we will request to see the watch in store before any estimates or offers are given.

We will require as much of the information below to be able to give the best and fairest estimate possible:

  • Brand of Watch
  • Model
  • Age
  • Guarantee and service history, papers included
  • Proof of purchase included
  • Any damage or scratches
  • Sell or part exchange
  • Any further information you think may help us with your watch
  • Any pictures if you are enquiring by email
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