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Are you having a hard time deciding which engagement ring to choose for your loved one? Does she say, I want something unique, or a ring that’s not like anyone else’s, something different…

With this guide, we can help you consider different types of stones and styles to help narrow down your search for the perfect ring.



Diamonds – the classic stone for an engagement ring. The most important attributes that you need to remember are covered by the diamond 4 C’s – Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.


Colour Diamonds are graded on a colour chart from D, which is the clearest and brightest of all stones with no hue to it, through to Z which would be classified as a ‘fancy colour’ stone. Most of our diamonds are graded at G and our certified stones will be F and above.

Clarity – There are diamonds that have no inclusions and these rare items earn the classification of ‘IF’ Internally Flawless. Stones are otherwise graded as having VVS (Very Very Small) inclusions, VS (Very Small) and simply S for Small.  Our Winsor Bishop rings are graded at a minimum of SI and most of our certified are higher than that.

Cut and Carat – The two things that people admire first about an engagement ring is the cut of the stone and its carat (size). Choosing the cut is down to the individual’s sense of style, you may notice that your wife-to-be doesn’t really wear much jewellery, so maybe go for a traditional stone like a round or princess. Maybe she likes her jewellery to shine bright, a round brilliant cut diamond, where 57 facets are cut for optimum light reflection will give that amazing sparkle. The emerald cut would suit the vintage girl who admires the art-deco period of the 1920s. Be mindful of her personality, it will really show when she sees the ring for the first time. When it comes to the carat of diamond, it doesn’t necessarily mean the bigger it is the more expensive it’s going to be. A lot more determines the price of a diamond than the size, so a small stone that is a colour D and has an IF clarity may cost more than a big stone with a large inclusion or is an L/M colour. Everyone is different as to what is important to them and every diamond purchase is a careful balance between all these factors.





Now, do you go for a Solitaire, Three Stone or Cluster?


The single stone ring is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. If you believe, as the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the diamond should be the centre of attention — which is certainly the case in a diamond solitaire ring. Other great reasons, besides their classic appearance, many women love a solitaire because of their adaptability, they go with any wedding band or outfit and they are unmistakable as engagement rings!

For a three stone, some believe that they are more sought after because they allow for variety and personality. With a three stone setting you are allowed to vary the sizes of the side and centre stones as well as the type of stones that are in the ring. You could go with three diamonds or use a variation of your future spouse’s favourite gemstone or even her birthstone. Some people consider the symbolism behind three stones, each stone can represent the journey you have made, your past, present and future or even represent a family, the parents are the two outer stones and the centre is the children. Winsor Bishop also has a bespoke design service available, there is nothing like the feeling of having an individual piece made just for you. Jewellery is about making memories whether it is a new piece, redesign or bespoke item, and would certainly make the ring unique.

As for the cluster, its a more contemporary style that a lot of women are opting for. Who doesn’t want diamonds with a side of diamonds on their ring? They’re favoured amongst celebrities, and a quick hint for you – your girlfriend will look to the popular elite for engagement ring inspiration, we’ve seen rise in requests for diamond three stone rings since Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle.


Metal  Platinum is the most popular choice because of its cool look, ability to match any stone colour, its shear strength over time and it’s considered the most precious of jewellery metals.

Yellow gold is a classic choice for jewellery, it’s very traditional and favoured for its versatility. All of our yellow gold engagement rings are supported by an 18ct band.

White gold is more contemporary than yellow gold, it gets its silvery white character from combining yellow gold with copper, zinc and nickel (or palladium). It’s plated with a hard element called rhodium (a platinum group metal), which costs about four times as much as platinum, resists scratches and tarnishing, and gives white gold a reflective appearance. However, it may wear away over time.

Unique and romantic, rose gold has a warm, pink hue created by combining yellow gold with a copper alloy. Very popular – not just with jewellery – at the moment you can buy pretty much anything in rose gold, so trends are something to consider. Your partner may like it now, but will she feel the same in a few years time.

We know that this can be overwhelming and there is a lot of information to take in. Your partner will be so in love with the ring you decide to give her because it’s not just a ring, it’s a life long commitment to the person she adores most. If you do need a little help, book a contactless virtual appointment or visit us in store where our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process.



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