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The Elegance of Emeralds

Emerald – Divine, Elegant, Enticing. The colour of effortless beauty, the gem of loyalty and new beginnings

These rich-green hued gemstones epitomise luxury and symbolise the joy of life. Celebrate your love of life with statement jewellery from our fabulous emerald collection.

Carat for carat, the mysterious emerald is more valuable than diamond, and gem quality stones are comparatively much rarer than their famous friends. The regal beryl family which includes the elegant emerald is mined all over the globe yet even the most established beryl mines have a very limited supply of jewellery sized, gem-class emerald.

Discover Our Emerald Jewellery

These truly mesmerising gemstones have been prized for their beauty and spiritual qualities for thousands of years. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was said to have been so besotted with the mystical green gem, which at the time were prized for their sacred symbolism of fertility and immortality, she took ownership of all the emerald mines in Egypt.

In Hinduism it is believed that those who provide emeralds as an offering to the God Krishna will be rewarded in heaven and will receive “knowledge of the soul”.

Infamous Emeralds

Belonging to Catherine the Great, this grand necklace was an important part of the Russian Imperial Gem collection for over a century before it was passed down through the Russian family line into the fantastic gem collection of Grand Duchess Vladimir via her father-in-law Tsar Alexander II.

The Vladimir Tiara & A British Spy

The Grand Duchess Vladimir certainly lived up to her grand name with her extravagant parties and fine jewels including the incredible tiara, yet upon hearing news of the revolution she was forced to flee Russia with only a small amount of her precious gems. The remainder of her impressive gem collection was hidden in Vladimir Palace where they remained until they were smuggled out by a British spy dressed as a palace worker. The perilous feat of recovering the priceless jewellery collection paid off and the gems which had been hidden in concealed bags made it safely from Russian to where The Grand Duchess Vladimir was living in exile in London.

The Tiara made its way to the hands of Queen Mary of England after if was sold by the family of Duchess Vladimir following her death. 15 magnificent, articulated emeralds were added to the tiara which was subsequently passed to Queen Elizabeth where it resides as part of the exquisite crown jewels and is said to be amongst her favourite pieces.

At Winsor Bishop, our diamond and gemstone experts understand the importance of achieving the most vibrancy and beauty from an item of jewellery. When considering the deep, beautiful tones of quality green emeralds we choose to complement these precious gems with expertly faceted, bright white diamonds resulting in a harmonious balance of aesthetic and emotion.

Celebrate important milestone events in life with the gifting of a stunning emerald jewellery piece from Winsor Bishop.

Alluring white gold, mirror-shine platinum or sunshine-bright yellow gold all make for a striking combination when paired with emerald and diamond. With green being the colour of nature, we at Winsor Bishop believe the emerald is the perfect colour to pair with ANYTHING! From neutral browns, beiges and greys to vibrant shades of blue, pink, yellow and orange! Yet not to be overlooked is the sensational impact a pop of emerald green can make to a classic black or white outfit and paired with a red lip.

Winsor Bishop is always here to help keep you sparking. If your emerald jewellery needs a refresh, we would be delighted to assist in cleaning your special pieces.

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