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Tourmaline, renowned for its selection of colours has long been regarded the “rainbow gem.” From deep, vivid tones to the gentle wash of water colour hues this intriguing gemstone befits its Singhalese name “tura mali” translating to “stone of many shades”.

A tale of long ago explains beautifully of how the tourmaline came to be, gifted to the earth’s surface from the depths below, passing through a rainbow of colours serene.

The generosity of colours shown throughout this magnificent gemstone are a direct result of the chemical elements each stone is exposed to as it is forming under intense heat and pressure deep below the surface of the earth. As the crystal structure grows, it encompasses the chemical elements that fit most easily within its structural lattice. As these available surrounding elements are depleted, other elements are substituted and the colour of the crystal changes.


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Pear Cut Green Tourmaline Pendant

This rich toned 2.16ct green tourmaline has been hand-selected for its beautiful wealth of colour. This lively gemstone has been suspended below a beautiful pear cut white diamond and both lovely surrounded by a delicate diamond halo.

Complete the suite with the enchanting, co-ordinating green tourmaline drop earrings.

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Pear Cut Green Tourmaline Drop Earrings

These green tourmaline pendant earrings have been specifically hand-selected for their gorgeous display of ideal hue, tone, and saturation. These vibrant gemstones total 2.06ct and have been set, suspended below two beautiful pear cut white diamonds surrounded by a delicate diamond halo totalling 0.85ct.

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Paraiba Tourmaline

The sensational discovery in 1989 of the Paraiba tourmaline has elevated this incredible gemstone into the echelons of the world’s most prized gemstones. These rare gems are renowned for showing intense, almost neon-blue colours.

Named after the state of Brazil in which they were first found buried deep within the hillside, Paraiba tourmaline was determined to have achieved this otherworldly blue hue from the presence of copper within the crystal structure and it has been widely agreed that this unique and rare gemstone has a vividness and intensity of colour unequalled by any other gem in the world.



 Pear Cut Paraiba Tourmaline RING

This striking design of ring accentuated by the transcendent 2.83ct certified electric blue pear cut Paraiba tourmaline and uniquely set with 0.72ct white diamonds

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Watermelon Tourmaline

The bi-coloured and multi-coloured zoning that is visible in the watermelon tourmaline happens when elements change in concentration or composition during the crystal structures growth. These unique gems can have coloured areas across the length of the crystal, or they can have a core of one colour and an outer edge of another colour.

Unlike any other gemstone in the world, a single tourmaline crystal can sometimes contain up to 15 different colours visible within it.

In the case of the watermelon tourmaline, pink and green crystals are found within the same stone, this occurs when the crystal structure is exposed to different minerals such as manganese and lithium during the formation process which subsequently cause the gem to change colour from a pink centre through a pale zone to the green rind. This display of banded colours resembles a delicious slice of watermelon.



The Watercolour Collection

Chosen for their natural play of colour, we are delighted to present a suite of the finest watermelon tourmalines, cut into bold octagons and offset against fine fluid diamond lines. This exquisite suite features 41.18ct of delicious watermelon tourmaline, each unique, distinctive and hand-selected by our dedicated team for this particular collection.

The pendant, often considered the centrepiece of this suite, includes a trilogy of octagon cut watermelon tourmalines, totalling 16.28ct, amongst a cascading shower of brilliant white diamonds.

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watermelon Tourmaline Ring

A divine 10.00 carat watermelon tourmaline creates the centre of the stunning ring within this collection, enclosed by a delicately positioned pear cut diamond halo, micro pave diamond ends complete this gorgeous ring.

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