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This Staff Recommends blog was written by Joe Blackaby, one of Winsor Bishop’s most experienced watch experts, and he personally chose the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Chrono watch to talk about in this week’s feature.

“TUDOR has always produced watches that are closely tied to the world of motorsports. In the same way, since 1954 TUDOR has been constantly improving its professional divers’ watches. The new hybrid Heritage Black Bay Chrono chronograph dares to combine the aquatic heritage represented by the Black Bay family with the queen of the racetrack, the chronograph. Remaining faithful to the Black Bay aesthetic with the famous snowflake hands, a brand signature since 1969. Which offers optimum readability against the dome matt black dial.

I am delighted with the new chronograph from Tudor. One of the reasons is the beauty. It has a sincere appearance, and as elegant as a Chrono can be. At its size, the Black Bay Chrono will fit any wrist and it will feel like it really does belong there. The second reason is the movement used. The Breitling has had enough time to prove itself since its 2009 release and is a robust movement well suited for the Tudor Black Bay. Another reason is the price. For a column wheel chronograph with a vertical clutch and “in-house” stamp, this watch could be more expensive. I appreciate Tudor’s honesty in revealing the movement’s source and keeping the low price. The Black Bay Chronograph comes in 2 different straps. A tan leather strap and a steel bracelet, both versions come with an alternative fabric strap. So all in all, 3 different combinations. So this works on a daily basis with the ability to adapt to your style and needs.

And finally, the marketing coup of the year – signing David Beckham in the Tudor “Born To Dare” campaign, and having him personally pick the Black Bay Chronograph as one of his choices.” – Joe Blackaby

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