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The Engagement Ring shopping experience whilst magical can be a stressful one. With so many different options, it can often be overwhelming. This is why, here at Winsor Bishop, we value the importance of getting to know our customer and their partner, whether they are present in the shopping experience or not, to help truly understand their personal style and preferences and narrow down the varied options to choose from.

What to consider before coming in-store to view Engagement rings?

Whilst aspects such as the five C’s, budget and researching different styles of ring is important, here at Winsor Bishop we like to delve a little deeper to discover the dream ring your partner’s heart really desires. What style of jewellery does my partner like to wear? Do they prefer yellow gold over platinum, or do they love a rose gold piece? What is their hair colour or their personal style? Taking note of such details really helps our specialist team here at Winsor Bishop form a clear image of the person behind the ring purchase and in turn can guide us when introducing styles for you to view.

Help! I haven’t taken note of my partner’s ring size…

You do not have to know your partner’s ring size when coming to find the perfect ring. All of our Engagement rings can be re-sized post proposal at no extra cost, so you needn’t worry about finding out the exact ring size ahead of the magical moment. Not only this, but we offer an appointment post Engagement to look over the ring, re-size if needed as well as offering a complimentary polish for maximum sparkle!

Selecting the perfect style of ring…

Unlike other jewellery pieces, Engagement Rings are rarely motivated or influenced by trends. Rather it is a classic piece and therefore choosing something timeless whilst reflecting the wearer’s own personal style is key. One of our diamond specialists Sara states, “An Engagement ring should be the perfect synergy between your own personal style and a classic design that will last a lifetime.” All of our pieces have a balance of classic design and elegance, as well as style references from different periods; to meet all preferences. Most importantly, across all of our Engagement rings, we ensure the highest quality of diamond is used to give you the ultimate sparkle and some of our rings come with diamond certification to testify to the true investment of the piece.

She said yes!

The magic words have been uttered and responded to with a yes, what now? Whilst the big day may feel a million miles away, we are here to follow up with you on your Engagement. Not only do we offer a follow up ring appointment, we can begin to help you with the task of finding your wedding bands. Just one way in which we can assist with this, is that all of our Engagement rings are ‘Wed Fit’ and are therefore designed with the wedding band in mind allowing the two pieces to fit side by side in harmony on the finger. We can also guide you in terms of timings when buying your wedding bands, to ensure these are ready in time for the important day.

Planning a 2019 proposal and in need of some inspiration? Visit our YouTube channel and watch us Press the Button on our idea of a perfect proposal! 

Finally, if you need some further advice and tips for choosing the right Engagement Ring, check out the blog post written by Emily Andrew, who visited our store last month to discuss all things Winsor Bishop Engagement Rings.

Winsor Bishop Engagement Ring styles our specialists and our customers love…

A simple twist on a classic, our Canna Engagement Ring is an everlasting design proven to be a long standing popular choice.

The Classic Princess is a classic and everlasting style, so no surprise it remains one of our most popular styles.

Part of the Skye collection, this is for the individual who longs for a vintage inspired ring with just that little extra sparkle.

View more of our exquisite Engagement Ring collection online…


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