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Historical Excellence – Providing Superb Quality for Over 185 years.

At Winsor Bishop we are committed to providing our much-valued clients with luxury fine diamonds, exceptional quality engagement rings and meticulously designed in-house jewellery collections. Established in 1834 we are renowned for our dependable and knowledgeable service reinforced with over 185 years of experience.

As a trusted, independent family jewellers we at Winsor Bishop are proud of our progressive values combined with a rich traditional history. In addition to this is our lifelong obsession with quality diamonds. Our diamond experts have scoured the globe from London, Paris, Belgium and Switzerland to America and Asia sourcing fine diamonds, meeting with countless suppliers all with the motivation for providing our esteemed customers with the most desirable gems.


Commitment to Excellence & Ethics – What makes a Winsor Bishop Diamond?

Our decadent Diamond Lounge houses one of the largest collections of Diamond jewellery in Norwich and we truly believe our diamonds are set apart from the rest. We recognise that as well as being a treasured piece to wear a lifetime, a diamond is an investment and our stunning range of jewellery at Winsor Bishop is assured to be a quality investment to stand the test of time thanks to our strict quality control on our Diamond supply. Most of our Diamonds come with guaranteed GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) or IGI (International Gemmological Institute) Certification. These are assurances of quality from the two world-leading Gem Testing Laboratories. Not only this, but our expertly trained Diamond Specialists are on hand to guide you through the key Diamond Industry criteria of each special piece and the individual unique characteristics of each stone including the Colour, Cut, Carat Weight, Colour and Certification.

Our Diamonds are ethically and responsibly sourced, as we only conduct business with Diamond suppliers who participate within the global Diamond Industry ‘Kimberley Process’; aiming to reduce the flow of conflict Diamonds. We refuse to engage in the trading of any gems whereby the origins have the potential to be conflict  diamonds and we strongly support the efforts of the Amnesty International in their deliverance of such origins from oppression. Our diamonds are typically sourced through countries which enforce strict environmental standards as well as standards to support labourers’ human rights. Winsor Bishops Diamonds are honest diamonds.


 Here to help – Advice and Enlightenment from our Experts.

In order to give all of our clients the Winsor Bishop Experience, we place great importance on providing education for all of our team members. Our skills and knowledge of Diamonds is what makes us as exceptional as our sparkling gems.

Our team complete industry training which has been specifically developed by jewellers for jewellers. The National Association of Goldsmiths has long championed excellence and education, providing us with the “Jewellery Education and Training “Levels 1 & 2 which is completed by all our customer service team. Our adept team boasts a plethora of further training including the titles of National Association of Goldsmiths Registered Valuer, Retail Jeweller Diplomas, Diamond Grading and Identification Diplomas, Gemmology Diplomas as well as collectively having decades of first-hand diamond quality assurance experience.

With nearly two centuries of dedication to exceptional customer service combined with first-rate professional jewellers’ qualifications, our commitment is to exceeding expectations and providing an unparalleled experience.


A History of Luxury – Providing Fine Gems for Generations.

Currently owned and nurtured by 5th generation family jewellers, Winsor Bishop has set themselves apart from the beginning. Our enduring passion for quality has spanned throughout the ages, our unrelenting diamond buyers working tirelessly to source the finest, most desirable gems.

Nothing excites our Expert Diamond Buying Team like a rare and usual coloured gem, at Winsor Bishop we have been fortunate enough to offer the ever elusive ‘Argyle Pink Diamonds’, a stunning and naturally coloured soft pink gem found in only one place in the world making it both unique and incredibly desirable.

We have also had the pleasure of sourcing precious gems from the appropriately named “Indiana Jones Of the Gem World”, Guy Clutterbuck. Guy travels the world exploring the gem-rich mines of Africa, Madagascar and the Far East and has made his life’s work to forge lasting relationships with the many mining communities as it is not possible to just turn up and expect to buy rare stones in the way that he is able to. Winsor Bishop has been working with Guy for many years and together we are able to source, create and offer for sale the most amazing gemstone jewellery.

Historically our jewellery brand portfolio has always featured among some of the worlds most praised, luxury jewellery designers such as Fope, fine Italian jewellery as well as being proud supporters of British brands and British jewellery creators such as the incredibly talented Shaun Leane and the Charles Green family.


Trust in Us – Quality and Assurance.

With our trusted reputation for providing exquisite diamond jewellery, our Winsor Bishop promise to you is for all of our principal diamonds to be graded by the GIA and the IGI. The independent certifications provided for you by the leading Gem-Testing Laboratories is just another way our diamonds are elevated above and beyond. This certification is a guarantee confirming that your diamond is natural and untreated as well as providing you with every detailed piece of information about the internal and external characteristics of your unique and individual diamond.

The biggest praise proving assurance of Winsor Bishops dedication for providing excellent quality is to be found in the continued dedication of our loyal customers. We are delighted to see our customers returning to us year after year as well as being fortunate enough to welcome generations of clients over the years.


At the World of Winsor Bishop we pride ourselves in excellence, expertise and being your jeweller for generations.

To view our Diamond collection within our beautiful Diamond Lounge, visit us in-store. Alternatively, click below or call 01603 620638 or email [email protected] where a virtual appointment can be arranged from the comfort of your own home.


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