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Winsor Bishop Wedding Rings Are Designed to Last a Lifetime of Love and Happiness

A wedding ring is the most significantly symbolic item of jewellery you will ever buy and with so many beautiful designs to choose from combined with the emotional sentiment, you can trust in the Winsor Bishop experience to help you choose your forever band.

Our dedicated team of bridal specialists look forward to welcoming you in store to our diamond lounge or online virtually for your personal wedding ring appointment. We consider it a privilege to be a part of your love story, after all, love is all that matters.

At Winsor Bishop, our knowledgeable and passionate staff are dedicated to helping you and your partner choose your dream wedding bands, rings that you will love for a lifetime.

To begin your wedding ring journey with us, first we shall consider your choice of precious metal. If you or your partner already has an engagement ring it is important to choose a wedding ring in the same precious metal to sit next to it. If the two rings are to sit next to one another we will advise on matching the metals to ensure both the rings do not wear against one another overtime and also to ensure the beautiful continuity and flow of the rings when worn together.

With so many alluring colours of precious metals to choose from we will also consider the longevity of your journey with the ring. It is easy to sometimes be swayed by everchanging fashion trends as certain types of metals grow then wane in popularity, choosing a colour of metal you like for ‘now’ should be balanced carefully with how you think you will feel about the ring in 10, 15, 20+ years from now.

Platinum: Pure, Rare, Eternal.

Pure. Platinum is a pure metal, by its very nature its brilliant white colour will never fade ensuring your wedding ring will always reflect a beautiful bright white sparkle.

Rare. The rarest and most precious of all metals, platinum has incomparable qualities of durability and epitomises luxury.

Eternal.  This Forever metal is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, perfect to stand the test of time and last all the days of your love.

Gold: Colour & Character.

Colour. The bright yellow nature of gold evokes a timeless image of classic wedding ring design. Gold’s ability to blend with alloying metals gives us a stunning spectrum of alternative gold colours:

 Warm Yellow in its purest form.

 Cool White when alloyed with silver.

 Blush Rose when alloyed with copper.

“Colourful options to reflect an array of personality.”

Character.  Gold is the most malleable of metals therefore can be crafted into beautifully intricate designs with even the smallest of details.

Palladium: Rare and Sophisticated

Rare. Another of the world’s rarest natural materials, palladium is also a naturally occurring, low maintenance white colour from the same family as platinum.

Sophisticated. This durable and beautiful metal develops a sophisticated patina over time.

Another interesting factor you may wish to consider is how the colour of the metal looks on your skin. If perhaps you are not used to wearing any jewellery, your bridal specialist will encourage you to try on several different types of precious metal wedding bands, this gives you the opportunity to consider a metal you might not have previously thought of.

What’s your Style?

With regards to the style of your engagement ring do you think you would like something plain? Or something with a pattern? Maybe some diamonds? Lets take it a step at a time.

Although the traditional wedding band is simple and classic in design, it is important to bear in mind that your wedding ring should reflect your style and should be exactly the ring you will want to love and look at forever.

In modern times the symbolic aspect of the ring, the never-ending circle signifying your never-ending love, has taken on a new life with the addition of diamonds, patterns and embellishments becoming the norm.

With classic bands, dazzling diamond set rings or something a little bit different our experienced bridal experts will help navigate these amazing choices with you.

If you have diamonds on the shoulders of an existing engagement ring and you adore the full sparkle finish, choose from one of our enchanting eternity style rings to match the suite together beautifully. A diamond band is also just as beautiful when paired with an engagement ring with polished shoulders, elevating the look with a gentle twinkle.

Wedding rings are available in many different widths, its remarkable what a difference in as little at 1mm can make between two similar looking wedding bands when they are on the finger. Slim and dainty wedding bands can look as striking as wide designs therefore we at Winsor Bishop give our wedding ring customers plenty of fantastic choice, even tiny increments of 0.5mm in width difference is possible, nothing is too much trouble and we encourage you to try on several widths until you are happy with how the ring looks on your finger.

Love You Inside Out

Not to be forgotten is the shape of the inside of the wedding ring as it sits against your finger. The D-shape design is where the inside of the band is flat to your finger and domed on the outside, creating a “D” shape on the cross section. This style of ring minimises the amount of metal used in the band which can have a direct influence on the price.

The most popular fit of ring is the recent innovation of the “Comfort Fit” sometimes known as the “Court Ring”. This style of ring features extra metal on the inside of the ring giving a domed finish which feels incredibly comfortable on the finger.

Shape of You

As well as the width of the ring, you may wish to contemplate a shape to your wedding ring. By this we mean the snugness by which the wedding ring will sit alongside an existing engagement ring. In order for the two rings to sit together in harmony, a slight shape to the wedding ring may be necessary. These shapes include wishbones, crossovers and cut outs.

 At Winsor Bishop we pride ourselves in ensuring the majority of our dazzling, diamonds engagement rings are “wedfit”, this describes a type of engagement ring which has been intricately designed to fit next to a wedding ring without any noticeable gaps between them. As our engagement rings are designed this way it means that any gorgeous flat edged wedding bands will snuggle next to them perfectly.

If your special engagement ring is shaped in a way that requires a shaped wedding band, to ensure they marry together as a beautiful suite, we offer an amazing bespoke service – “Perfect Fit”. Blending the latest technological jewellery making techniques, traditional hand crafting methods, innovation and experience our wedding ring designers can create for you a bespoke, one-of-a-kind wedding ring.

Our skilled ring designers will use the very latest 3D scanning equipment and Computer Aided Design software to produce a wax casting of your ring accompanied by intricately rendered design images for your approval. Once you are absolutely satisfied with the design, your perfect fit ring will be made for you to your exact specifications.

Mix it up!

If you and you partner have differing opinions on your dream wedding rings then please, rest assured that there is no rule that dictates you must choose the same style or even metal, the main thing to remember is that you both end up with wedding rings that you will love and that mirrors you own individuality.

If you are struggling to choose which metal you prefer Bi-metal and even tri metal wedding rings are possible with a mixture of your favourite precious colours.

A gorgeous idea to link the two bands together as a point of similarity is to have the same engraving on the inside of the ring, immortalise your wedding date, names or a sweet secret message inside your wedding band, for your eyes only.

Finding your Fit

Once married, most people do not take their wedding bands off. At Winsor Bishop we ensure that every wedding ring we sell will be fit for use by the wearer, for example is you work in a very manual, hands-on job we would advise against a softer gold band set with diamonds in favour of something more hardwearing if it is going to be worn all the time. We also appreciate that some may wish to have the sparkly wedding band of their dreams but know it will be necessary to take it off when performing certain tasks.

To find the right size of wedding ring for your finger, there are factors that must be taken into consideration if the ring is to be repeatedly taken on and off. The size and shape of our fingers can change due to the temperature of the weather, whether you exercise, water retention, pregnancy, whether or not you are a “hot” or “cold” person, if you travel between warm and cooler climates and many more! Allow our experienced wedding ring advisers to measure your finger to get as precise measurement as possible and rest assured the ring size can also be changed again if necessary.

Winsor Bishop offers comprehensive finance options powered by V12 retail finance to make every step of your Winsor Bishop journey easy.

Our finance options, available in-store or online, allow you to spread the cost of purchases over £750. We offer a wide range of payment terms for you to consider from 6-36 months with a 20% minimum deposit.

When to start looking?

Once you are ready to start your exciting wedding planning journey it’s time to come and visit us at Winsor Bishop. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for ring shopping to cover the time potentially required for a ring to be ordered or bespoke ring to be made for you.

Trust In Us- Quality and Assurance

With our trusted reputation for providing exquisite wedding rings, our Winsor Bishop promise to you is our commitment to excellence.

The biggest praise proving assurance of Winsor Bishops dedication for providing excellent quality is to be found in the continued dedication of our loyal customers. We are delighted to see our customers returning to us year after year as well as being fortunate enough to welcome generations of clients over the years.

Thank you.

To view our Wedding Ring collection within our beautiful Diamond Lounge, visit us in-store. Alternatively, click below or call 01603 620638 or email [email protected] where a virtual appointment can be arranged from the comfort of your own home.

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